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follow the associated links to view in detail some of the services we provide to all of our customers.

lighting layouts

als has the latest software design tools that enable us to assist you with optimal lighting packages. we can plan out your building, room, or parking lot and plug in the required fixtures. once the fixtures are established the project can then be calculated which produces a point-by-point layout. these point-by-point layouts diagram the footcandle readings across the area needing to be lit. once these layouts are calculated a 3-d rendering is produced to show in real time how the completed job will appear. a fixture schedule is then produced from finished layout.

lighting projects

view some of the jobs completed using als lighting packages. photos with product description are included. these photos can show you some examples of what can be accomplished with our services. our software enables us to help you decide what lighting is best for your application. regardless of what project you are working on als will contribute an efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting package.

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