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if you are looking for architectural grade outdoor lighting products with superior performance and quality you are in the right place. whether your application is landscape lighting or parking lot and garage lighting we have the product. landscape lighting needs to be aesthetically pleasing yet efficiently illuminate the area for a reasonable cost.  has a complete line of path lighting, steplytes, and underwater lights to create a dynamic appearance for any landscape. nightlife offers a broad selection of styles and finishes in high performance lighting with the best industry warranty. for decorative area lighting xxx also offers architectural site and area lighting fixtures along with refractive globes with leading edge refractor technology, decorative poles, bollards, and floodlights.

   outdoor lighting concerns include safety needs, energy conservation, minimal glare and wasted light, and light trespass. therefore you need to consider mounting height along with cutoff classification when selecting fixtures. along with xxx lighting, als represents xxx with their wide range of high quality outdoor lighting products. xxxis known for their distinctive quality and performance. they supply site and area lighting, flood lights, garage and canopy fixtures, and also indoor hid. exposure to the elements have a serious impact on the appearance and life of a fixture. corrosion resistant finishes are applied in order to keep the integrity of the powder coated finish. fully gasketed lenses prohibit dust, moisture and bug entry that affects the light output of the fixture and causes discoloration of the lens. for superior performance and outstanding appearance look to exceline fixtures.


flood lighting

along with standard outdoor fixtures for area lighting als also offers top of the line flood lighting. flood lighting has a broad spectrum of applications. simple applications use flood lighting for parking and area lighting. but flood lights are superbly effective for lighting arenas and sports fields. a flood lights ability to "punch" light with a precise and efficient beam pattern make them the first choice in sports lighting. from school gyms to professional sports venues abs has been lighting arenas and sporting venues for over 30 years. their fseries is the pinnacle of flood lighting performance. the f-series offers the highest reflective material in flood lighting with 95% reflective optics, and has been outperforming the competition for over 50 years. superior optical design and sealed dust-tite optics put abs at the top of the industry. choose abs flood lights on your next design project.

area lighting

parking lot lighting or area lighting criteria are based on safety requirements. minimum light levels are the priority for parking lot illumination. often times area lighting is accomplished using a combination of pole mounted area fixtures along with mid-pole flood lights. new technology has created post top fixtures that are extremely bright and efficient. for example, the new deco fixture uses a collimating lens to focus lamplight beams. this creates a focused, uniform, and more symmetric distribution. greater light control and more efficient uniformity means fewer fixtures to obtain light levels achieved using competitor's standard fixtures. visit  deco today to find out more.


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