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if you are working on a design for a new project and need help configuring the lighting plan, we have the perfect tools. simply email us your autocad drawings of your design. if you know which fixtures you would like to install let us know. if you are unsure, we will help select appropriate fixtures that will meet your desired footcandle level. then a fixture schedule, point-by-point layout, and 3-d rendering will be sent to you for review and approval. all lighting layouts are created using agi 32 software. lighting analysts agi 32 is the industry leader in lighting software.

here are some samples of the output created with our lighting software:

site lighting

site lighting layouts using agi32 can be basic or extremely detailed. a simple site plan can be created to determine light output for specified fixtures. a more advanced layout can model in 3-d the buildings, trees, light poles, and other objects that will exist on the actual finished job site. such detailed outputs are a truer representation of the finished project as compared to a generalized layout. the following example shows the rich detail produced with agi32 software.

mipt reading room, oklahoma city

this project was worked up from an autocad drawing created by an architect. from the 2-dimensional floor plan the building was modeled and the truss work was constructed. the light fixtures, doors, and tables were set in place as specified. the challenge with this project was modeling the fabric which stretches from the walls to the exposed trusswork. this project shows the quality of detail that agi software produces.   

below is the point-by-point layout of the 2-d plan view of the mipt room. you can see the footcandle readings on the floor. this enables you to see the light output at given intervals across the span of the room. you can also see your fixture placements and the architectural details modeled within the room.

residential application

here is a sample of a residential application of our software. this is a living area with a twenty-eight foot ceiling. there is an elevated walkway that would lead to other rooms in the house. it has a sloped ceiling above the walkway. the center of the room has a pool table and pedestal stools. you can see the wood-grain on the bookshelves that were set against the walls. spiral staircases are at the far ends of the elevated walkway. and a table and chairs were placed on the raised marble platform at the far end of the room. 

as you can see there are few limitations as to what we can produce for your next project. objects merely help to show shadowing and light impact at a given surface. if you only need to check the light levels of a given space that can be done just as easily. forward your next design project to als for a sample of what can be done and let us assist you with your lighting package.

key benefits

  • enables you to determine quantity of selected fixtures needed to reach desired light levels.
  • adjust fixture types, quantities, angles, and locations in real time prior to project construction.
  • produces 3-d rendering of design in order to visualize completed project

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