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company profile

we represent the finest products from top lighting manufacturers. als delivers complete lighting package support to accommodate whatever needs you may have. specification jobs are planned and laid out by our design team. using agi32 software we are able to model projects and produce point-by-point layouts to create 3-d renderings that help visualize quality lighting performance. these software applications along with product knowledge, industry experience, and total customer support make als a leader in our industry. jobs within our portfolio include large sports arenas, residential, restaurants, churches, and hotels.  

territory             entire state of oklahoma

history                 company incorporated in 1989 by jim meehan as a manufacturer's representative for lighting fixture manufacturers in the state of oklahoma.  

in 1994 mike meehan joined the agency after graduating from oklahoma university.  in 2001 mike became ceo of the agency and continues to guide als in the oklahoma market.


facilities              current facilities consist of a 4,500 square foot building located in downtown tulsa, containing office facilities and lighting displays.


technologies             lighting applications and design is a major tool utilized by als to assist specifiers in not only learning how to apply the products of the manufacturers we represent, but to assist in demonstrating and solving difficult lighting requirements.  als utilizes autocad 2006, agi32, along with in-house mock ups and fixture samples.


the team:

mike meehan:           mike is the energy of als; he works closely with distributors and factories, and oversees project quotations and negotiations. mike also works with specifiers and manages the overall business of als.

jim meehan:              sustaining member iesna, calls on specifiers and acts as a lighting advisor to many architectural and engineering firms.  assists in the management of als.



als is a company with over 40 years of experience in the oklahoma market.  it is our job to present the lighting manufacturers that we represent to the design community. we keep specifiers informed about current and upcoming products and new trends in the lighting industry. in addition, we constantly strive to educate ourselves so that we may be a resource of information for all the clients that rely on us.


for any further information you need to consider for your next lighting project please contact our office. click on the contact name to email for information.

mike meehan: - principal, sales, and quotes

jim meehan:  - sales, lighting advisor

jay meehan:  - customer service


1124 e. 4th street

tulsa, ok 74120

phone: 918-584-5554 fax: 918-584-5578

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